Caraga Region

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The Ulahingan is the epic of the Livuw
(1) Agyu and his relatives are the characters in Ulahingan. A conflict develops between them and their rulers, usually Muslims, because of a forced tribute and the killing of the ruler. They flee, guided by a diwata or spirit, who promises them immortality after they have overcome various obstacles. They leave behind Mungan, the wife of Banlak who is Agyu’s brother, because she has leprosy. Mungan, however, is the first among them to become immortal. It is she who tells Agyu and the clan to go to Aruman to await the sarimbar/salsimbar or magical flying boat that will take them to paradise. (2) When the appointed day comes, Agyu and his relatives ascend to heaven. A diwata showers them with the oil of immortality and gives them the betel nut of immortality to chew. He blesses them, but tells them that the Midlimbag, the Highest God, sends them to live in Nalandangan, an earthly paradise, and not in heaven. That is their reward for enduring and having confidence in the Midlimbag. (3) However, Baybayan, Agyu’s son, does not join them in Nalandangan. Three incidents in the past explain his exclusion. He did partake of a boar which Agyu and his men had killed with the help of a meresen etew, a heavenly messenger. His withdrawal from the feast signaled that he would not join them on their trip to paradise. Consequently, he is tasked to go around the world seven times to gather converts before he can enter paradise. A similar incident happened in Kituyed, where Baybayan was absent in the distribution of a dead fish. Agyu again decrees that Baybayan should circle the world and win converts before he can join them in heaven. Before Baybayan can start on his journey, however, Agyu’s grandfather tells him to dance the sa-ut, a circular war dance. Instead of circling three times as dictated by tradition, Baybayan circles seven times. The grandfather then declares that Baybayan must circle the world seven times. (4) In his wanderings, Baybayan encounters many adventures, converting many peoples, including Chinese and Muslims. He and his followers would stop journeying every seven days. In one episode, his followers run out of food and drink. They stop by a tree laden with fruit. Baybayan performs the first ulahing, and the fruit falls from the tree and turns into linepet, leaf wrappings of rice. A bowl of viand appears beside each linepet. Baybayan and his followers feast on food, which do not run out. After more wanderings, they are finally lifted to heaven in the salimbar, where the highest katulusan, a divinity, makes them immortal. Midlimbag gives them powers of a different nature than those he has given Agyu, and provides them with another paradise to stay in. He exhorts Baybayan to inspire mortals to perform the ulahing so that they may not forget Agyu.

** WHERE: CARAGA is located in the northeastern portion of Mindanao. It has a land area of 1,913,842 hectares (has.), of which 582,351 has. are alienable and disposable and 1,331,491 has. are forestland.  It is composed of 2,095,367 population with five provinces - Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, and Dinagat Islands.  1) Agusan del norte -

Located in the northeastern part of Mindanao, it is bounded on the north by Butuan Bay and Surigao del Norte; east by Surigao del Sur; west by Misamis Oriental; and south and southwest by Agusan del Sur. Agusan del Norte occupies a total land area of 2,503.9 sq. kilometers. Agusan del Norte is divided into 11 municipalities. The highly-urbanized city of Butuan, being geographically located in Agusan del Norte, is traditionally grouped with the province, although it is governed independently from it.Cabadbaran City is the officially-designated capital of the province per Republic Act 8811, which has a total barangays of 31, area of 311.02 km², population of 55,006 and population density of 177 per km². Agusan Del Norte is famous for its...
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