Car Theft Short Story

Topics: English-language films, Driveway, Automobile Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Car Theft
With the television on and my mom asleep I found myself with a problem. With my mind open and my knees bouncing I searched the house looking for something to do. After several laps around the house I found my mom’s keys. Without hesitation I bolted out the back door slowly shutting it behind me. Jumping the fence and approaching the car I finally decided to jump in. Already knowing how to drive, I wasn’t nervous. Leaving the lights off so that the glare wouldn’t seep into my mom’s window right in front of me, I slowly but surely backed out of our driveway then approached Montgomery road from our cul-de-sac. Looking for any sign of trouble I drove on, thinking to myself, well I’ve driven this far, a little more won’t hurt. I soon approached the intersection next to Walgreen’s, With a green light, I kept driving, soon to see two policemen posted on the side of the street waiting for reckless drivers. I tried quickly thinking of something to do to avoid passing them. I decided that it would be best to just drive by them and keep my cool. I stayed in my course and kept my eyes off of them not to create suspicion, I heard yelling from them. Looking around it was apparent that they were yelling at me. So like any true American teen would do, I tried to lose them. I turned down the street right over a hill so they couldn’t see me. Not going over the speed limit I turned down several side streets hoping I had lost them. As I drove I realized why the police were yelling. When I was on Montgomery road I could see very well but on these side streets it was like I was blind. I had never turned my lights on when I had backed out of my drive way. I began cursing to myself, hitting the dash board thinking how I could have been so stupid?

After turning my lights on I pulled onto a dead end parking close to the end thinking that they wouldn’t follow, I sat giving myself time to think where I was going to go to avoid them. Before I could figure anything out, I...
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