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Toni Anderson
English 101
Rachel Cox
3 October 2011
Child Safety Seats
When having a baby there are many big purchases that have to be made. From the crib all the way down to bottles and socks. But, one of the more important things that are needed is the Child Safety Seat otherwise known as a car seat. Getting the correct seat for the age and size of the child, making sure the baby/child fits in it correctly, and that it is installed correctly can save your child’s life. Although South Dakota’s and a couple other states laws only go to the age of 4, Child Safety Seats are needed well after that age. Certified Safety Seat Technician’s can direct and educate you on the best seat for each situation.

When picking a safety seat the first things most people look for is the color or design on the seat. Thinking that having a boy or girl, they will need to have a pretty pink or blue seat. When really, what you should be looking for is the correct fit for the child. Does the seat’s weight limits fall within the weight of the child, and when the child is put in the seat are the harness holes in the correct position to the shoulders of the child. Having an incorrect fit or seat could injure the child instead of saving its life. The cost of safety seats can be extremely expensive, but the more expensive does not mean the more safe. There are safety seats as low as $30 and can be upward of $900. The more expensive seats always look prettier but most have the same safety features as the lower cost seats. A good example of a good low cost seat would be a Graco, they have many different types of seats and most of them are at a low cost and have the same safety options as more expensive seats. Then there is the most expensive seat out there, the Orbit, this is an infant seat that you will see a lot with celebrities. During my training I got to test this seat out and personally I wouldn’t waist my money, it is a lot heavier and more awkward to carry and doesn’t have...
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