Car Parking Slot Allocation System

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Parking in big parking lot can be very challenging and effortful. Even when an indication is provided that a small percentage of slots is still available in the enormous car parks, most drivers do not seem to be able to locate those slots. Car Parking Slot Allocation System is a system that automates the searching and guides drivers on which location is their chosen slot located in the parking area. The system is designed to prevent problems usually associated with parking cars in a certain parking lot. How does it work? When a car is waiting at the entrance, the operator will give the driver the slot card number indicating where to park in the area. This will avoid time delay if there are any cars waiting in the entrance waiting for their turn. How does the system know which parking slot to allocate? The group created a simulation of a parking lot which composed of two separate parking areas – Parking Area A and Parking Area B, and thus each area is consisting of 40 parking slots. Because there are two parking areas in the parking lot, both of this areas will be applied using Allocation Algorithm. The application of Allocation algorithm in these areas will only allocate the vacant or available slots. Those slots that are not vacant or already occupied will not be allocated anymore and this will be ignored by the system. The purpose of this project is to simulate and implement a real parking lot environment that allocate vacant parking slots using Allocation algorithm. As computer science students, the used and application of algorithm is the most important foundation of the field of Computer Science. Through this algorithm, this will tell the computer to do the task in the most efficient manner. Hence, by applying Allocation algorithm in the group’s study, an effective and efficient solution in the problems of allocating parking slots will be easily located by the system because of the application of algorithm. In addition, an algorithm is a solution of a problem by a finite sequence of instructions each of which can be performed by a machine. Every computer program is essentially a set of instructions placed in a systematic fashion, that when executed, produce a desired result. The advantages covered in this system will be user interaction, ease of use, and effectiveness in demonstrating Allocation algorithm to those who don’t know much about it. Furthermore, the group hope that through this project, they can improve technological improvement to the car parking establishment in making an efficient and systematic car parking.

Statement of the Problem
The researchers envision solving the problems by answering the following questions: 1. How does the application of Allocation algorithm will be implemented in the Car Parking Slot Allocation System? 2. How will Allocation algorithm allocate or search vacant slots? 3. Will Allocation algorithm allocate occupied slots?

4. How does the system know which parking slot to allocate? 5. How to simulate the parking areas consisting of 80 slots that applies Allocation algorithm?

Objectives of the Study
The primary objectives of this study are the following:
2. To implement the application of Allocation algorithm in allocating and searching for vacant or available parking slot. 3. To create and design a sample parking lot that demonstrate the simulation and use of Allocation algorithm. 4. To test and prove that the used of Allocation algorithm in the simulation of the parking areas will be functional, applicable and appropriate.

Significance of the Study
This study will be implemented and expected to give good effects and will be beneficial to the following: For the Operators, this study is significant to the Operators because this will provide a valuable guide to the advantages and disadvantages of the car parking operations. For the Car Drivers, this project easily assists the car...
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