Car Park Survey

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A survey of Transport and parking at MIT.

2. Term of reference
This report is written by Susan White, for the purpose of investigating the type of transport used by students and car parking issues at MIT.

3. Introduction

The purpose of the survey was to discover the different means of transport used by Non English Speaking Background students (NESB) covering issues like time taken to travel, availability of car parks and Parking tickets.

4. Procedure
4.1 An instant survey was conducted by means of questionnaire given to 120 NESB students to complete. The participants were divided into five age groups, under 20, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49 and over 50 years. There were 52 male and 68 female students, who completed the survey.

4.2 (a) The first part of the survey consists of two questions. 1. Means of transport used by the students.
2. Time taken to travel to MIT.

(b) The second part dealt with parking problems.
1.How frequently they needed to move their cars to avoid getting a parking ticket. 2.Whether or not they have had parking tickets at Otara car park. 3. The questionnaire was collected and data was collated.

5. Findings

5.1 The main findings were as follows;
Cars were the most common means of transport, used by 72% of female and 65%of male students, while 20% of the females and 13% of males traveled by bus. 11% of males and 1% of females walked to MIT. A minority of the students, 7 % of males and 1% of females used bicycle.

5.2 A large portion of the students ie; 42 % of male students and 38% of female students took 20 minutes to reach MIT. 27% of females and 26% of males spent 30 minutes. 17 % of males and 16% of females took 45 minutes. 10 % of females and 1% of males needed 60 or minutes to reach the institute.

5.3The findings of the second part of the...
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