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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Can Detroit Make The Cars Customers Want?
  1. AutoNation having a problem with its inventory because:   * Gasoline prices is high which make customers change their   taste to small vehicle and it cause the dealer’s lot overload with unsold gas guzzling pickup truck and SUV.   * GM, Ford and Chrysler’s manufactures can’t quickly change   production model and have been geared toward optimizing the efficient of the production plan   * This problem will cause:

  * Losing market share to the Japanese and Korean
  * Slow selling hurt dealers because they must borrow money to pay for the car the manufacturer ship   2. The date on the habits of car buyer and the most popular configurations of all makes of vehicle AutoNation uses proprietary analytic software as well as assistance from DME a marketing firm with expertise in creating customized direct mail.   3. The CEO cut back on production and focuses on building car which is what customer want. The firm applies the market intelligence principles which offer by products and service customers want to auto manufacturing By apply the solution the manufacturers can focus on building these vehicles in the number that the date dictate. 

Mis In Action
  1. bring out specific sections for different types of customer’s demands ( new car, used car, trade, etc). It allows customer “Have it your way” which is not many dealers can do. Before get a vehicle customers can ask for advice by using this website which save a lot of time. This site is really help AutoNation forge close ties with customers and potential customers.   2. AutoNation collect those information to find out which models take most interest to potential buyers:   * Market model/ Vehicles type 

  * Research / information compare
  * Value in trade
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