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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Toyota is one of the company car manufacturer. Cars like Vios, Hilux, Sienna, Prius, Avanza, Fortuner and many more are the product that has being produce by Toyota to identify and target a market segment. Based on our analysis, the segment that has being targeted by Toyota is the Geographical, Demographic, Psychographic and Behavioral segmentation. On Geographical segmentation, Toyota has target different car in different country. Like American, Toyota has conquered the market by introduced the car Prius that is green environmental because the company know the American needs oil saving cars. On Demographic segmentation, Toyota has also target the market by gender, family size, family life cycle, income and occupation. Toyota has mostly target the women for several of their models like the Toyota Prius because women influence more on purchase decision. Other than that, Toyota has also target on family market by introducing cars like Avanza that can fit a person or a big family inside. Besides that, Toyota has also target the market that is lowered and middle income by introduced cars like Vios. It has make every people can afford a car that is high quality and economic with low price. Toyota has also targeted the industrial market by produce the cars like van and trucks that can be use in different section of occupation. Vans like Toyota Hiace are usually use in delivering goods and worker. Truck like Toyota Hilux are usually use in estate because can travelling obstacle and load goods. On psychographic segmentation, Toyota has targeted the market by lifestyle, social class and personality traits. Toyota has manufacture cars that is higher status by upgraded the design and also the engine of the car. Those car has being named Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The company has manufacture these cars so that the person that has higher lifestyle, social class and personality traits can have more choices instead of the normal types of the cars....
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