Car Lock-Picking Process Essay

Topics: Bobby pin, Automobile, Coil Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: October 14, 2010
My Uncle, the Car Jacker
My Uncle Micheal owns an old Ford pickup truck that locks whenever he closes the door. Quite often he'll leave his keys inside by accident. From his mistakes, I have learned the best ways to handle this situation is to either pull up the lock, pick the lock, or go borrow some keys. I have also learned how to start a car if the keys are lost. To pull up the lock, I would need either a SlimJim (a specially cut metal bar) for a flip lock (the kind in the handle that is pushed and pulled) or a metal clothes hanger for a push lock (the kind in the door that pops up and down). For the flip lock, I would need to slide the SlimJim down between the weather striping and the window. I have to go slowly or I might either break the lock or rip out some of the inner wiring. Then I would move the tool back and forth gently until the lock flips. For a push lock, I would bend a clothes hanger into a long J-shape with a small hook. The bottom hook would need to be squared off to about an inch and a half to two inches wide. Then I would need to feel for the end of the button rod (the end of the push lock down inside the door) and pull up to unlock. If neither a clothes hanger nor a SlimJim is available, I could pick the lock using two tools; one to manipulate the pins, and one to turn the cylinder. A small Allen wrench would work to turn the cylinder, and a long bobby pin to move the pins. With the bobby pin inside the lock, I would need to exert constant and light pressure with the wrench. This is the only way to tell when the pins are lined up correctly. I would then have to move the bobby pin to manipulate the pins until I feel the lock turn smoothly. If none of the previous methods are effective, I could then go borrow someone else's keys (if I don't have a spare set of my own). There are surprisingly few lock variations, and a key from another car of the same manufacturer may just work. In the end, Uncle Micheal always gets back inside his truck,...
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