Car Insurance with Allstate

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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Misael Pena
Rhetoric essay draft# 2

Allstate Today many people own cars to get around to different locations such as work, but with owning a car comes great responsibility. A person has to make sure he or she can take care of their vehicles and keep them maintained. Having car insurance is a great investment, and for some people damaging their car has a negative effect on them financially and emotionally. This is why car insurance exists. One in particular is Allstate. They made the process of getting car insurance into a good experience instead of the regular boring paper work by creating a comical commercial which tries to persuade its viewers into getting car insurance with Allstate. They’ve changed the idea that car insurance isn’t just another expense; it’s something worth having in the long run. Their idea was pitched through a comical commercial where they have an actor named Dennis Haysbert portraying a young woman jogging in the streets of suburbs distracting an oncoming driver who crashes into a street lamp. The commercial starts off with Dennis describing his character on a regular semi sunny day in a neighborhood located in the suburbs. He is wearing a worn out suit with pink sweatbands on his wrists and head and wielding pink dumbbells. He is about to start jogging when a blue navy Toyota approaches slowly and the driver is mesmerized by what he sees Dennis wearing. Dennis starts jogging slowly at the same pace as the car to keep the driver focused on him. He then winks at the driver and the driver crashes into a street lamp that he didn’t noticed and the street lamp comes crashing down on his car, smashing the head roof. Dennis then gets out of character and explains that with misfortune or mayhem like him that causes negative outcomes to everyday drivers anything can happen, anywhere or...
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