Car, Bus, or Plane

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Car Bus Or Plane

My fiancé and I are planning a short 2 night trip to Vegas in a couple months. Great right? The only this is that I'm 4 months pregnant and we can’t decide on which mode of transportation: plane, car, or bus will be more comfortable and convenient for me at the time of travel. There are several things that need to be considered before we make a final decision. He is focused more on which will make me more comfortable. Of course that is a major issue but I also want to get the best out of the traveling experience.

My fiancé believes the plane is more convenient. For one the air transportation is paid for by the company who is sponsoring our trip. So flying will be faster and cheaper, which is a plus with a new baby on the way. I think flying is great as well but it takes away from the whole experience, whereas taking the bus or driving, we get to site see. I also know a lot of other women who are skeptical about flying while pregnant. With flying I’ll be able to be more mobile so I can stretch me legs along the way. Also there will be food provided which is a plus for me, especially since I’ll have to make frequent bathroom runs! Yikes! The bathrooms on planes aren’t as bad as the ones on buses but they are both kind of small. Again I say transportation is free, if we fly, so that means extra shopping money in Vegas! I really love flying but I wouldn’t get to up close and personal view of the scenery, like driving or bus riding.

We both think driving will be a great bonding experience for us and it is a plus considering i want to see things along the way. Of course driving is very costly, looking at gas prices, plus food to fill my constant hunger pains (unless we pack food), and it will be a very long drive. Driving that long distance will be very uncomfortable for a woman who is 7 months pregnant, considering the need for frequent bathroom trips. Since we will only be in Vegas 2 nights, we must ask ourselves, would the time spent driving...
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