Car Accident Narritave

Topics: Mother, Family, Snow Pages: 5 (1872 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Sarah Carlson
Mr. Green
English 11A
11 November 2012
The White Haired Man
I had just finished helping my dad put the last of the holiday wrapped Christmas presents into the back of our green navigator, which we called the green monster, when I slipped on a patch of black ice.

“Be careful,” warned my dad, “that ice can be dangerous.” My dad has always been very calm and serious, he says things the way they are, he does not sugar coat anything. As I was standing up and wiping the cold, wet snow off myself my mom came out of the house with our golden retriever, Oscar, trailing behind. Oscar loves winter, so of course he had to roll around in the fresh, soft recently fallen snow before getting into the green monster. After he was done kicking snow in every direction and was covered head to paw he finally got into the car so we could begin our three hour road trip to grandmas in Farmington Hills.

Our trip had not gotten off to the best start, we only made it half way down our road, Belmont, when Oscar decided we wanted to shake the snow off himself. Snow flung everywhere and my mom laughed, she has always been easy-going, she never sweat the small stuff. After driving for about twenty minutes things in the green monster settled down, Oscar found a spot to lay in the backseat next to me, mom and dad were listening to Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on the radio to try and get into the Christmas spirit and I was indirectly talking about how excited I was to spend the holidays with my entire family.

When we finally reached the highway it began snowing again, it had been off and on all week, the weather channel expected this winter to have a total of the most inches since the sixties. As we traveled farther down the highway the visibility got worse. The falling snow flakes looked like they were as big as my hand. There was no other cars around us from what I could tell, but the snow was so thick there was no way to tell what was going on around us.

About an hour into the trip, Oscar began to get restless, he continued to move around and scratch at the windows, he was driving my dad crazy, my mom however, did not mind because she was busy singing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs. My dad could not handle the distraction of Oscar any longer so he turned around to spank him. That is when he lost control. Before I knew what was happening the car jerked off the road and I could feel the green monster roll side over side again. My mother was screaming, the beautifully wrapped presents were flying throughout the car. Then everything went black.

The next thing I remember was waking up in a tiny, cold, all white hospital room with a young woman in lavender scrubs staring at me. I mumbled a few words that even I could not understand,
“Hello, Elizabeth, I am your nurse, nurse Johnson, you were in a car accident and you are now at Hackley Hospital.” I was listening to what she was saying but I could not comprehend her words. My head was pounding and my right leg felt like I had a thousand needles stabbing into it. I tried to sit up but my entire body ached, I felt like I had been crushed by a ton of bricks. “Can I see my parents?” I asked so quietly I was not sure if the nurse could hear me.

“Of course, they are right down the hall, I will go get you a wheel chair and I will be right back,” said nurse Johnson. I tried to get out of my hospital bed while she was gone but a horrible pain went through my ribs, I looked down and noticed I had a giant white cast on my right leg. Nurse Johnson came rushing in to help me into the wheel chair,

“Oh be gentle, you fractured three of your ribs so you will not be able to move quickly.” Great, I thought, I am going to have to wheel around in a wheel chair forever.
“Any other injuries I should know about?” I asked. Nurse Johnson just stared at me for a second before answering
“You broke your right leg, and you suffered a minor concussion,”...
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