Capulet and Montague Families at Each Other

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Two Families at Each Other’s Throats
By Shalini Krishan

Yesterday afternoon, in the Vernon streets, Capulet and Montague rose to each other’s throats and bought the duel to the streets. In the duel, there were two deaths and one was banished. Mercutio, who was a kinsman to Prince Escalus, was slain by Tybalt and Tybalt, cousin to Juliet of the Capulet family, was murdered by Romeo who was banished by Prince Escalus.

Mercutio was killed yesterday afternoon by Tybalt when they engaged in a duel. The duel was fairly peaceful until Romeo interfered and got in Mercutio’s way. When Romeo got in Mercutio’s way, Tybalt accidentally stabbed Mercutio in the chest.

Mercutio’s friends didn’t know he was severely hurt, they thought he was joking. So as they stood around, laughed and joked around, he slowly died as everyone watched.

Soon after Mercutio was killed, Romeo chased after Tybalt and challenged him to a duel and murdered Tybalt when Tybalt fell onto Romeo’s sword!

With two people already dead in one day, the Prince has declared that Romeo’s blood shall not be spilled but he shall be banished instead. The only problem is that Romeo is in hiding and his whereabouts at the moment are a mystery.

Some bystanders have reported that Prince Escalus failed to keep his words of ‘death penalty’.

With the two families already at each other’s throats, it’s anyone’s guess how they will react. They could both settle it at this and agree that enough blood has been spilt on all sides, or they could decide to try to slaughter the other’s entire family!
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