Captiva Conglomerate

Topics: Want, Need, Inventory Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Captiva Conglomerate
I.Major Facts
Captiva Conglomerate held a management meeting to discuss the contract with S.O. Software (SOS). SOS hold a contract to develops a custom inventory and spare parts management system, the intent of the system is to provide the operations section with better support than the current system and reduce inventory levels. Sam Sliderule, the Inventory and Spares Manager, tested the spare management module and called the software a disaster, and the module is currently four months behind schedule. The regional and centralized inventory management system module is ten months late. Jana Perry, IT Director, thinks the system is great (assumption Jim is Jana see 13th line of study), she is the only one at Captiva Conglomerate who initialed off on the specification, it is presumed that SOS created the specs. The President of Captiva signed the contract that states ‘Best Offers,’ ‘Whenever Possible,’ making it difficult for Captiva to pursue legal action. SOS used $1 million allocated for the contract and had seventeen unpriced change orders pending. II.Major Problem

Software is behind in production and over budget. The product, to date, is difficult for the layperson to operate. The contract was not vetted through all the departments and the specifications were approved by only one department head, the IT Director. Their is an appearance that the software developer wrote the specifications and the IT Director rubber stamped them. III.Possible Solutions

A. Have the legal team look at the contract and see if they can take any legal actions Get a cross functional team together to go over exactly what they need. Either fix the software SOS developed or start from the beginning and work on getting a new product that answers this specific companies needs C.

Have the legal team review the contract and confirm what action(s) they cab take against SOS. If you can try to get SOS to fix the deficiencies identified. The...
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