Captian of Industry or Robber Barons

Topics: John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Vertical integration Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Andrew Carnegie, a man who was in the steel industry, one of the greatest things that ever happened to man kind. He used a system of vertical integration and he also bout his own coal mines and his own iron which made competitors go into danger because they had to buy there own raw materials for an extremely higher price. Carnegie was a philanthropist before all of this great success happened and he was also known for being involved in many public organizations because he built hundreds of public libraries and carnegie never believed in Social Darwinism he believed that rich people should use their money to benefit the rest of the society. That's why he is Captain Of The Industry. The way many people see it and agree to the fact that Carnegie is a Captain Of Industry since he never took advantage of the government like the way that John D. Rockefeller did. Rockefeller took great advantage of the unfair ways that the government influenced him. Many people would look at Rockefeller and automatically say that he is a Robber Baron since he always was so care less about anything and everyone else. He made profit out of other people's work using horizontal integration because he put about four of his thirty competitors out of business. Eventually his industry grew stronger and monopolized everything! The difference between Carnegie and Rockefeller is that Carnegie did not like to monopolize, he did not believe in it very much but on the other hand Rockefeller was dominating the entire oil industry. Rockefeller is the type to believe in social Darwinism, in other words survival of the fittest. 
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