Captain Scott

Topics: Antarctica, Robert Falcon Scott, Roald Amundsen Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Robert Falcon Scott

About Captain Scott About Scott and Was there another explorer that tried to reach the pole

Facts Born: 6 June 1868 Plymouth, England Died: 29 March 1912(aged 43) Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica Parents: John Edward Scott and Hannah Scott Education: Naval cadet programme, HMS Britannia

Captain Robert Falcon Scott was an explorer that contributed in the project of exploring the Antarctic exploration.He was one of the earliest explorer that stepped on the icy tundra.There wasn’t any maps or routes for Antarctica.The British explorer went for his journey with his polar party on 17th Jan 1912 on the South Pole.There were explorers that aimed to reached the Arctic before Scott,Captain cook was one of them.He reached Antarctica with his Pacific Voyage,but there was still 1000 miles that havent been explored yet,Captain Cook decid-

ed that people can’t go any further South than latitude 78 degrees. Robert Falcon Scott was an officer in the Royal Navy, who had joined his

first ship when he was 13.


Captain Scott led two expeditions,His first expedition, in the ship Discovery, took place between 1901–1904 . Discovery was builtas a research ship to go through icy seas.

This second expedition had less government support and many schools made collections for the expedition. Children were particularly interested in raising money for dogs and ponies.They In 1910, he sailed on reached the pole on another voyage, this on 17–18 January time in the Terra Nova, 1912.Everyone died in originally a whaler. the their last expedi-

tion.On 17 March 1912, he left the tent during a blizzard. His final words,written down by Scott, were: 'I am just going outside, and I may be some time'. He was never seen again.

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