Capt Coco's Cafe Feasibility Study

Topics: Flour, Coffee, Price Pages: 69 (8366 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Wesleyan University of the Philippines
Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City
College of Business and Accountancy

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I. Executive Summary


Conclusions to feasibility

II. Project Background

Project proponents

Proposed name of the business

Type of business organization

Location of head office and factory

III. Management & Personnel Feasibility


Management proposals

System & forms Design

IV. Marketing Feasibility

General Market description



Demand Supply Analysis

General Marketing Practices

Proposed marketing program

Projected Sales

System & forms design

V. Production or Technical feasibility

The Products

Production Process

Alternative Process

Materials handling design

Technological assistance

Project site

Project Layout

Building and facilities

Floor plan

Machineries and equipments


Raw materials


Manpower requirements

Wastes and waste disposal method

Production cost

System and Forms Design

VI. Financing Feasibility

Total Project Cost


VII. Financial feasibility

Major assumptions used

Projected Financial statements

Financial analysis

System and forms design

VIII. Socio economic Feasibility

Your project employees

The government

Other beneficiaries

IX. Project Implementation and time table

I. Executive Summary


Capt. Coco’s café is a place where you can enjoy your coffee, eat delicious treats, relax, escape the daily stress of life and work, and to simply past time with friends or colleagues. Capt. Coco’s Café offers products such as bread, rice meals, salad and sandwiches, distinct beverages, brewed coffees, teas and handmade pastries.



II. Project Background

Project Proponents

Marius Gibson Ramirez, will be the only person responsible in handling, supervising, and managing the business operations, employees and any other materials, equipments or concerns regarding the proposed business.

Proposed Name of the Business

The Proposed name of the business will be “Capt. Coco’s Cafe”

Type of Business Organization

Single or sole proprietorship will be the form of business organization that Capt. Coco’s Café had chose to adopt. The owner will be the Cashier and Manager in the first few months of the business operations.

Location of Head Office and Factory

The Location of the proposed business will be at M. DE LEON AVENUE, the chosen location has a clean environment and since it’s along the Pan-Philippine highway the business will be very accessible by the costumers, M. De Leon avenue also has some big establishments located within, such as SOGO, JOLLIBEE, Subdivisions and the like.


III. Management & Personnel Feasibility

I. Personnel


Figure 1. Organizational Structure

II. Management proposals

The Organizational structure adopted by Capt. Coco’s café includes the specialization concern wherein the owner divides the total work into small, specialized tasks and assigns employees to perform specific tasks which they usually specialize at.

The purpose of specialization is to make employees more efficient. A person who performs a specific task repeatedly, masters it after a certain period of time has elapsed. Repetition leads to mastery and in case of already experienced employees, leads to more...
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