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Topics: Project management, Software testing, Test plan Pages: 10 (3045 words) Published: October 1, 2012
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Introduction| 1.1 Project Context | a. Set the basic context * What is the big picture for the problem you are working with? b. State the research Question * What will you do in your project and what problem will you solve? c. Summarize your approach *how will you do that?| Cloud computing is considered to be a new computing paradigm where applications, data and Information Technology services are provided over the internet. A very important factor is cloud computing research is task management which plays a key role in ensuring an efficient system. Task scheduling problems are premier considerations which relate to the efficiency of the whole cloud computing facility. Scheduling tasks in a cloud is an NP complete problem and plays a key role in cloud computing [1]. A robust ecosystem of solution providers is emerging around cloud computing.Task scheduling, one of the most famous combinatorial optimization problems, play a key role in ensuring flexible and reliable systems. The main purpose is to schedule tasks to the adaptable resources in accordance with adaptable time, which involves finding out a proper sequence in which tasks can be executed under transaction logic constraints [2].This proposal considers a task scheduling algorithm that will summarize communication overhead in a cloud environment, this is accomplished by grouping cost-based task before resource allocation according to resource capacity. Factors like type of tasks and task lengths will be taken into account for proper scheduling of tasks. The proposed model will be tested on a simulation toolkit. The simulated results will be evaluated to compare the proposed algorithm vis-à-vis the previous algorithm presented [3].| | 1.2 Purpose and Description of the Project| | ------------------------------------------------- Purpose-------------------------------------------------

The purpose of this project is to assist the company in meeting its strategic goals. The new site will increase visibility of the company’s expertise to current and potential clients though the sections of the intranet that will be accessible to them. It will also help improve profitability by reducing internal costs by providing standard tools and techniques, templates, and project management knowledge to all internal consultants.DescriptionThe project centers around_______________________________| | 1.3 Objectives of the Project| The project objective consists of the business benefits that an organization expects to achieve as a result of spending time and exerting effort to complete a project.| Primary ObjectiveThe overall objective of the project is to develop an economically viable ______________. This project aims to improve the _______. Project Objectives and Targets The specific project objectives include: 1. To develop and demonstrate__________ 2. To prepare a detailed design__________Expected Impact Strategic impact of the project include: * Development of an innovative technology for _____________ * Optimal integration of this innovative technology with _____| | 1.4 Scope and Limitations of the Project| ScopeScope involves information required to start a project, and the features the product would have that would meet its stakeholders requirements.Project Scope "The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions." [1]Product Scope "The features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result." [2]Project Constraints/limitations 1. Time 2. Resources 3. Performance criteria

| Product Characteristics/Requirements 1. ------------------------------------------------- Templates and tools: The intranet site will allow authorized users to download files to assist them in created project-management documents and using...
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