Capstone Hasm 270

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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1. Programs are often smaller pieces of a larger human services organization. How will the organization’s mission affect your program?

The organization’s mission is still a direct part of your program, because your program is part of the organization. By the program being related the mission statement represents what the organization plans to achieve as a whole which includes all individualized programs combined. So the program or smaller piece should have a mission directly related to the organization that it represents, this is especially important when applying for funding opportunities You will want to select funders for your programs that fit with the mission of the organization. The organization’s mission represents states the key goals that they wish to meet as a whole, it also describes the purpose of the organization this affects my program because my goals should be those that represent the outcomes that the organization is looking to achieve.

2. Why it is important to make sure your program is oriented to the organization’s mission and purpose?

It is important to make sure that my program is oriented to the organization’s mission and purpose, because the program is directly related to the mission of the organization and the goal that is planned to be achieved. The program is just an element that may focus on a particular part of the program goal. The organization may consist of several elements or parts that each have an individualized program or program goal that is targeted toward the mission and goals that the organization is working to achieved. If all parts or elements reach their goals than the organization has achieved the outcome they are working toward, and the mission or goal has been achieved by combining the different programs and goals to achieve the mission of organization as a whole.
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