Capstone Discussion Question - Application of Psychology in

Topics: Psychology, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Capstone Discussion Question:

How has your view of Psychology changed since the beginning of this course?

I have had no professional exposure to Psychology other than the occasional suspense-thriller in which the viewer becomes intertwined with the plot. Provisioning an atmosphere of episodic understanding of terms, illnesses, and diagnosis are part of the dialogue. However, this course made me realize that Psychology is not portrayed accurately on television, or the movies because the dynamics of emotions, biological occurrences in the human, and the reality victimizing the true suffers is not realized. Additionally, the true benefit of this course introduced me to behavioral science from its origins to the current level Psychology. Furthermore, the ability to self-assess, and others makes it possibly to understand why certain behaviors exist. For example, my paper on Bipolar Disorder provisioned a plethora of information about this particular disorder. I had a friend who admitted to our group of friends he had Bipolar Disorder. I did not understand what it was thought he attempted to explain; however, I thought he was making himself out to be popular, and draw attention to himself. Well, years have passed. I understand the private torture he was enduring, and how easy it is for laypersons like myself to misdiagnose anyone with a disorder. The other item of interest about Psychology is the fundamentals required to provision corrective therapy for patients who need help. For instance, psychotherapy is administered one-on-one, or to groups. Next, medication is available to help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, or violence whereas before people with certain disorders suffered in silence. Nowadays, therapy allows family involvement, and personal goal settings that involves various helping hands. Though Psychological Disorders may never go away on its own, there exist time-honored options by Carl Jung, and Sigmund Freud, to...
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