Capstone Discussion Question

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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Capstone Discussion Question

The information in this course has provided a solid base for the person in which I hope I continue to be, it has shown me how to continue on a path of humility, intelligence and wisdom while maintaining hope and love. It has always been my personal belief that we are who we are, my internal biology and external culture have shaped me into the person I have become, which I believe is a good honest citizen who loves and cares about people. I also think that most human beings have the chance to be great individuals, however life experiences, biology, culture and other factors can make a person bad or evil. I have implemented many of the 12 factors of humility into my life, however brief the action plan was I try to follow it in at least a basic way. Seeking feedback, learning to laugh at myself more, learning the ways of other cultures, focusing on things other than me, experiencing awe and appreciating that I am but a small part of a ever growing universe to name just a few. I believe that humility, happiness, love, empathy, wisdom, hope, and self respect go a long way in fulfilling my personal life and making me a better person. I am a better person for having taken this class and hope that I can teach others the basic things that I believe make me an average person. I do not believe that any one of us are better than the other, we are all equals.
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