Capstone Course of Psychology

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Pay it forward


Pay it forward
Altruistic actions matter no matter how big or small!! My altruistic deed was to pay it forward to a client of mine. Christina is a wonderful, kind individual who would help out anyone, anytime. After planning her wedding, her fiancé left and shortly after, she learned she was pregnant. While working full time, and attending nursing school she remained positive and flourished with the birth of her little girl. To pay it forward, and out of love and respect for her, I made her over before returning to work free of charge, while my girls babysat. Needless to say, she was thrilled and appreciative. As she tried to offer us all a tip, we told her to just pay it forward!!!

Altruism; personally, professionally, socially and dependent Altruism is a selfless regard for the wellbeing or interest of other individuals. Regardless of the size of the act, altruism has a profound effect on society. However, professional and personal social responsibility is to perform in a manner that benefits society and not identical to true altruism. Codependency is a behavioral and emotional situation wherein individuals with decreased self worth try to find value and contentment externally. True Altruistic actions are atypical, due to an individual’s sense of duty which is disparate and concentrates on morals and social responsibility concerning others and society as a whole (Trivers, 1971). While social accountability is quite normal, it may not be authentic and more of a sense of duty to mankind. In addition, codependent behavior occurs when the supplier desires the reciprocal relations with the recipient. Application to psychology and the human condition

The psychological study of altruism is significant on several levels such as, as it is associated with core attributes of personality, objective goals of socialization and to theories regarding human nature. Psychological values are developed to support and sustain...