Capstone Child Development Center

Topics: Developmental psychology, Employment, Childhood Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Capstone Child Development Center is a safe and nurturing place for children to learn and grow. Under the leadership of Mrs. Shelia, the center has grown tremendously over the years. The center is licensed for 90 children with 1 teacher per classroom. Capstone provides programs that help children and employees work together to be their very best by providing the highest quality childcare. Founded in 1982, Capstone is one of the leading childcare centers here in Tuscaloosa. It is a center that helps the children to develop the skills they need to succeed in life. The environment there is one that encourages professional, excellence, and diversity. Because of the training, development and new skills offered to the employees, the children there has the highest quality childcare and education. Prior to becoming a director, Mrs. Shelia was a kindergarten teacher in Europe for 4 years. She also worked on military bases for 7 years as a pre-school teacher. While not owning the center, Mrs. Shelia was asked to take the director’s position about 17 years ago. Being the director at Capstone, has been challenging and very rewarding. As a director, Mrs. Shelia had to overcome several obstacles and challenges. In the first few years as director, there was a high employee turnover. Many employees would only stay there for a couple of months because of the low pay and long hours. Therefore, Mrs. Shelia and the owner (Barry Fields) put their heads together and came up with a solution. One solution we came up with was to find more grants to help finance the center. In the beginning, it was very hard finding help from the government. But by a lot of hard work and persevering they received a grant. Also, they did a lot of fundraising and her favorite being the Teddy Bear Photos. To solve the high employee turnover, they decided to hire teachers and substitutes who had a passion for working with children and who would do it if they had to on a...
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