Capstone Checkpoint Week 9 Crt/205

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Cognition Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Capstone Checkpoint

January 11, 2012
CRT/205 Critical Thinking
Melissa Bramm

In the future, how will thinking critically influence the way you * Read? Thinking critically when reading has helped me keep an open mind about what I am reading. I know that when I sit down to read something now that I can’t have a closed mind, I have to look at it from every angle that I can. I have learned that I can ask question and try to find the answer in the answer when I am reading. I feel like I can pick up on some of the feeling that the writer had when they were writing the article, or the book that I am reading. For example with the discussion question for week 8, dealing with Terri Schiavo I got to think outside the box, it was a hard situation to read and watch the video about but I was able in the end to understand both sides. I was able to understand why the husband did what he did, and why the parents felt the way they did. I know that thinking critically help with most of my reading for this class, and it will help with the future classes because I will have the open mind set. * Write? Thinking critically with writing is going to help me have more than just one point of view on how something happened. If a question is asked because I made something unclear, I will be able to answer it. I think that with writing I will be able to get the point I want across, and if there are questions I will be able to answer them without hesitating. If I have to use fallacies when writing I will be able to do so and I will be able to use the correct one. I will know how to explain things in a different way than just writing my opinion down and submitting it. I will be able to have a logical and moral explanation. * Process information? With processing information it is going to trigger deeper thoughts on why something happened. It is going to make me want to ask more questions to get more information. Just like with reading it is going to help me look for a...
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