Capstone Checkpoint Hca/250

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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Capstone Checkpoint

Capstone Checkpoint
I would tell the members of the Senate that mental health is just as important as physical health. Health professionals say that there is a solid link between the mental health and physical health. The health and illnesses are not just related to biological issues, but is a combination of biological issues, social conditions, and behavioral factors. If we want our society to deal with all of the health issues that they may face, we need to bring a health care policy that takes into consideration of all these things.

We must convince the Senate members that the mental health issues people experience can affect the prevention and treatment of various physical diseases. If there are any new healthcare ideas, the Senate members should consider the health psychology concepts. With the use of some of these concepts it will help create stronger people who could be free from the risk of certain diseases. There needs to be a focal point on the huge sums of money that could be saved if the people focused on the preventative medicines, and health psychology.

The people of this country could end up being so much more productive in our society if they did not have to worry about diseases that could be prevented by adopting some of the medical concepts that were mentioned. If there is any mental imbalance, it could affect a person’s ability to be and act like a member of our society. It can affect someone’s ability to do their job if they have an imbalance in their health. If you consider all these factors the people would be more productive and a lot happier.
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