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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature
The Given Literature below are the studies that encourages us to do our very own card game successfully and knowledgeable. 2.1 Foreign Literature
2.1.1 Game theory and AI: a unified approach to poker games(Thesis for graduation as Master of Artificial Intelligence University of Amsterdam) In this study, the player holds over outcomes is expressed by a utility function, U. This is a mapping from outcomes to real numbers in such a way that for all outcomes o1 and o2 it holds that, if the player prefers o1 over o2, then U(o1) > U(o2). The utility of a certain outcome is also referred to as the payoff. When the payoffs for all players sum to 0, we speak of a zero-sum game. Clearly, a two-person zero-sum game is strictly competitive. Same as our study there is a wick card and a strong card, and you have to make your enemy bluffed whenever you got a wick card, make your own strategy on how to defeat your enemy. 2.1.2 Speech-enabled card games for incidental vocabulary acquisition in a foreign language(MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Received 1 July 2008; received in revised form 24 December 2008; accepted 9 April 2009) In this study, it describe a generic platform for card game development and then introduce a particular prototype card game called Word War, designed for learning Mandarin Chinese. It assesses the feasibility of deploying Word War via the Internet by conducting the first user study remotely and evaluating the performance of the speech recognition component. In relation to our study, we do both develop creative card game in the name of knowledge. You could also play our very own card game via internet. 2.1.3 Shigure-den and the Hyakunin Isshu(Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) Karuta is played with two sets of cards. One set is to be read: each card has an entire poem written on it, the poet’s name, and his or...
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