Capsim Strategy Plan

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Due to the break-up of the sensor production monopoly, Andrews has decided to take this opportunity to differentiate the company from its competitors by focusing our resources and expertise towards two market segments while still maintaining some presence in the three remaining segments. By focusing on just two categories we ensure that our resources are not spread too thin, while at the same time, ensuring that we are taking advantage of profits in all markets and not wasting the equipment and resources that we have to produce all products. We have chosen to focus most of our research and development, marketing, and production efforts on our High End and Performance segments, the products Adam and Aft respectively. With our primary focus on those two market segments, our secondary focus is on Agape, our product in the Size segment. Therefore, our tertiary focus will be on Acre and Able, the products in the Traditional and Low End segments.

The company is organized in a way that would leave each member in charge of a specific area of the company. Lindsey is our CEO who is responsible for marketing/R&D; Shane, the COO, overlooks the production of the sensors; Ryan is the CFO and is in charge of the finance; and Kristen, our President/Chairman, is head of the Human Resources department. Our team of executives have chosen to meet in person two to three times a week to discuss the status of the company’s overall objectives. Decisions on product positioning in each segment, the amount of money being allocated to research and development and marketing, and the financial status of the company will be decided together. Staff turnover will be monitored closely and new ways to improve employee productivity will be found if necessary. Looking at total industry demand for each segment and factoring in the growth rate for the upcoming year as well as our market share in the current year, we will be able to forecast close estimates of the required amount of production...
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