Capitalization Rules and Examples

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Capitalization Rules and Examples

By | May 2011
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No.RULE Example of the Rule 1.The first word of a sentence. She is beautiful. 2. The first word of a quotation. They said, ”Let’s hang out.” 3. The word “I.” She and I are good in sports. 4. Proper names and abbreviations of proper names. My principal’s name is Mr. P. Hill 5. Proper names used in adjectives. I bought a Benz Car. 6. Geographical names and names of political units. TajMahal is in Agra, India. 7.Compass directions, only when they are parts of names. Canada is in the Western Hemisphere. 8. Names of streets, buildings, parks, and companies. I live nearby Darcel and Morning star Drive. 9. Names of organizations and religions. There is South Asian Heritage meeting every day after school. 10. Names of races and nationalities. Majorities of Indian are residing in Malton. 11.The names of wars, battles, historical events, and historical periods. In the Nineteen Hundreds, there were no computers during the Civil rights movement. 12.Military and civilian titles. Today, General Higgins was to present the Canadian Medal to Ms. Sanjay. 13.Academic Degrees. I will receive my Masters Degree in 12 years of...

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