Capitalization and Punctualtion

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The purpose of capital letters and punctuation marks is simply to make reading easier. Without them, reading would be a constant puzzle; and we are all much too busy to work out puzzles every time we read.         Notice how confusing the following sentence is when it is written without capital letters and punctuation marks: caesar entered on his head his helmet on his feet his sandals in his hand his sword on his forehead a frown and sat down Is the following an improvement?

                Caesar entered – on his head, his helmet; on his feet, his sandals; in his hand, his sword; on his forehead, a frown – and sat down.                                                                                                                     -Gunnar Horn CAPITALIZATION

Through capital letters, it is easy to know the important parts of the sentence that need to be emphasized. To capitalize is to use a capital letter at the start of a word. Specifically, capitalization is used:| * in the first word of a sentence| | Everyone loves me.| *to indicate proper nouns| | Philippines, Marc, Sony|

*for days of the week and months| | Friday, December|
*in naming a direction| | North, South|
*in the pronoun I | | I am happy.|
*in the interjection O| | O Lord, hear us.|

Capitalize the first and all the important words in a title. These words are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and the first word of the title.

                When we are speaking, slight pauses indicate the beginnings and endings of sentences, and the turns of thoughts within the sentences themselves. When we are writing, punctuation marks take the place of the pauses. Punctuation marks are warning signals to the reader. They are important because they mark divisions of thought. Use a period:

1.       After an abbreviation.
2.       After an initial.
3.       After a declarative sentence or an imperative sentence...
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