Capitalism Is Inequality

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  • Published : December 4, 2009
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U.S. presidents have often cited the widening gap between the rich and the poor as being the number one obstacle to world peace. So it is interesting to find that this gap is the greatest within the United States of America. Globalization has only widened this gap further in the U.S. and in countries where the U.S. has spread its capitalism through the exporting of U.S. businesses. Why then do U.S. presidents preach about the negative correlations between widening class gaps and civil disturbances when they themselves propagate and enable those who widen this gap further through U.S. policies? The United States exports capitalism in its raw form while practicing a mixed economy at home. Why? Could it be because the U.S. citizen will not stand for the low pay and horrible living conditions associated with raw capitalism, so companies who want the extreme profit margins, found in raw capitalism through exploitation of workers and environments that is not allowed to take place within our own borders, have to move to countries were U.S. policies and world organizations allow for this. Capitalism does not and can not promote freedom or democracy. How can a system ruled by corporations that are oligarchies in practice promote rule by the people for the people or individual freedom? Capitalism promotes the rise of a rich minority that rules over the majority, because it is the private ownership of wealth with no government intervention. There is no control over how money is made or how much you can have so therefore it produces a rich minority. The best example of this is the game called monopoly where each player starts out with the same amount of money and by the end of the game, through a player’s ability to get rich; one player ends up with all of the wealth or a monopoly. When only a few take all the wealth and the rest are left destitute or barely surviving off the meager hand outs given to them by the minority then you have a system that supports...
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