Capital Punsihment

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Criminology Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: December 23, 2012
“Capital Punishment should be banned.” Discuss.
Should Capital Punishment be prohibited by the law? The purpose of the execution of criminals is to condemn, deter crime and suppress political dissent. Most countries practice Capital Punishment for those who commit murder, drug trafficking, treason (act of a traitor), espionage (practice of spying) or are as part of military justice. Some countries impose Capital Punishment on sexual crimes. Specifically speaking, rape, adultery, sodomy or incest. Or in other cases, religious crimes like apostasy. China takes into account serious cases of corruption too. Offences during wartime such as cowardice, desertion, insubordination (disobeying of authority) or mutiny (group rebellion) may also warrant a death sentence. There are currently 58 nations actively participating in the prohibition of capital punishment, 97 others have abolished it and the remaining either participate in them in exceptional cases or have not practiced it for more than ten years or so. There are always two sides of a coin concerning an argument and we have to evaluate if Capital Punishment is for the greater good. Capital Punishment helps act as a form of deterrent to crime. If we were to completely abolish Capital Punishment, we would certainly see a spike in the crime rates as potential criminals would get the assurance that they would not lose their lives no matter how grave the crime. Also, there is the possibility of an escapee having the chance to go around and commit crimes again. However if the criminal was put to death, they would have completely gotten rid of him. Lastly, putting a criminal on the death row is letting him of easily. We imprison criminals in the hopes of enabling them to turn a new leaf, but letting a criminal off by sentencing him to Capital Punishment does not make any sense whatsoever. Why is it that those who commit the more severe crimes get sympathized by the justice system? However, I also think Capital...
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