Capital Punishment is Justified

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Capital Punishment or commonly known as the death penalty is the punishment of ending one’s life for a serious crime that they committed. The death penalty serves both as a good consequence and as a deterrent or prevention for future crimes. Capital Punishment addresses crimes that simply cannot be repaid, or compensated for. If one were to rob a store the thief can payback the amount that was stolen, in fact, under biblical law from the bible the criminal would then be tasked to work for the person he or she robbed from until the debt itself was repaid several times over the amount that was stolen. And with the criminals dedication to such a payback would then be freed and by his honorable labor be restored to a position a trust once more. As for the murder no matter how much or how hard he is to work he cannot bring back life from the dead, he can never again regain society’s trust. His victim or victims will remain dead. Now stealing is not right but it is nothing as to when compared towards crimes that can affect people and families permanently. Stealing does affect people and families as well but not necceriarly permanently. Overtime the amount that was stolen can be refunded and eventually restored to its original conditions. But when you compare stealing towards crimes such as homicide or rape they cannot be repaid. The person who was murdered by a criminal, nothing could ever bring that person to life again. And for rape that horrifying memory can never be erased and would dwell inside one’s mind for the rest of their life. With Capital Punishment Families and those who were affected by the assailant can be relieved that the criminal can no longer harm them or future victims whether they would be family or not. It would put a stop to these threats, and restore peace once more by those affected. Capital punishment responds proportionally to the most horrific crimes, crimes that go beyond your everyday crimes such as theft. In 1978 there was a...
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