Capital Punishment in the Uk

Topics: Death Penalty, European Union, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 4 (1636 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Capital Punishment Essay

The execution of humans for the commitment of specific crimes as a way of punishment is a sentence received after an appropriate judgment in front of the law. This is known as Capital Punishment, and is generally used as a penalty for specifics and severe murder. Capital punishment is considered in some country as proper penalty for other different crimes like types of fraud, adultery and rape. All of these are consider capital crimes. Capital punishment is used in many countries around the world; although, that capital punishment is a traditional way of penalization in many countries (BBC Ethics Guide 2012). According to Amnesty International (2012), 141 countries have abolished the death penalty either in law on in practice. There is one big controversy about restoring the capital punishment between the people and the government.

Capital Punishment as we see, was a measure of penalty for real serious offences, and in the UK was began to consider more kind of crimes. Many diver numbers of the crimes that will be consider punishing with the death penalty in the UK have a rough increase in the years around 1660 from about 50, by the year of 1750 was around 160. Finally, at 1815 was the century where the highest number took place with a 288 crimes (The National Archives 2011). It was not till the 18th century, the United Kingdom witnessing a dramatic swell in capital punishment. Although there were more offences and crimes that were meant to be punish by death, the crime did not increase as itself, It was because off the offences that could be punish by death continue increasing, and more crimes were established to be punish under the capital punishment rules. (Quakers 2012).

By 1770 year, the first steps to the downfall of the death penalty were demonstrated. This movement starts by the suggestion of Sir William Meredith to the Parliament; he asks to be considering the introduction of more rational penalties. (Quakers 2012)....
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