Capital Punishment

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  • Published: November 1, 2013
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October 2, 2013
Is Capital Punishment Necessary?
In order to reduce the amount of homicides in America, the death penalty should be enforced. The homicide rate will decline rapidly, giving would-be killers an ultimate warning. The cost is another important factor. The cost of sentencing a murderer 25 to life in prison will cost the state too much money financially. The process of the death penalty should be done so in a way that is swift and efficient, giving the victim’s family and friends a sense of closure and will provide justice. Capital Punishment shall be done in a sure, swift, effective and efficient manner.

The crime of homicide is a selfish crime. Murder is the initial killing of an individual by another individual. It is not fair to the victim or their family and friends. With the form of capital punishment, the homicide rate will decline by hundreds or even thousands. According to the annual crime report, in the United States alone, deterrence to crime decreased by almost 5,000 people with the use of the death penalty; 5,000 people that could have been saved in the future as well as the decrease in the threat to society. Capital punishment guarantees no further murders by the defendant will occur and will completely eliminate the chance of recidivism by the accused. With the use of capital punishment using the death penalty, the homicide rate in America will decline rapidly by giving would-be murderers the ultimate warning.

The cost alone for housing a convicted felon of murder will cost too much money for the state financially. When the convict is sentenced to prison, the state will have to provide some sort of health care, such as food, water, and other medical needs the inmate might require in order to survive. According to Pamela Gardapee, an eHow contributor, the average cost to house an inmate a day is roughly $129. Per year, that number is about $706,275 and that is just for one individual inmate alone. The Crime Report currently...
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