Capital Punishment

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Lethal injection Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Capital Punishment
We are put on this world to experience life; however, if life is not valuable, what is valuable? Everyone has one life until the heart stops beating. Life is limited, the way which you personify your values depend on how you treat your life and the life of others. Capital punishment is a death sentence for a horrible crime. In Seventh Century B.C.'s Draconian Code of Athens, the only punishment for all crimes was death ("Death Penalty Information Center"). In America, nearly one thousand criminals have been executed since 1972. Surprisingly, thousands of innocent individuals have been sentenced the death penalty when they were convicted of a crime they did not commit. Although some people believe that death repays the victim’s family, it is not necessary to end a life when there are other options that can be taken and may even help society. Capital punishment should not be an acceptable form of crime discipline in our society as it is ineffective and inhumane. Capital punishment is an irrevocable way of punishing innocent people. Once a life has passed away, sin and innocence still exists. As a Casework Lawyer, Marc Callcutt faces the issue of death penalty all over the world. He states "20 years spent on death row before exoneration shows a failure of the system, not its success." Since

1973, 138 people have been sentenced to death in the US, and then later exonerated (clarify what this word means). The striking rate implies that 8.8 executions have one-exoneration (Smith). So what is wrong with the system? Clive Stafford Smith, a British lawyer, specializes in the topic of the death penalty in the United States. He testifies that “one of the executions witnessed was one of an innocent man: Edward Earl Johnson, who was executed in a Mississippi gas chamber in 1987”. Conversely, lawyers may be the most believed liars, but one would know if a decision is justified as unfair and a person’s ethics and conscious will know what is unjust....
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