Cape Horn

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Bipolar disorder Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Cape Horn
This essay is about a poem called Cape Horn, by Giles Dixey. I believe the message that this poem is trying to convey to us is that nature is an immensely powerful force. This poem displays the wrath of Mother Nature, which can be horrifically terrifying and destructive. This poem is trying to teach us to never underestimate nature. The actual poem is about a storm-battered ship, drifting aimlessly and helplessly, after suffering at the hands of Mother Nature. The ship is wandering the calm, yet melancholic and depressing sea. After a while of sombre tranquillity, another storm begins to brew and the ship makes a desperate attempt at regaining power. The mood of this poem is thoroughly melancholic, depressing, mirthless and sombre. Various words present in the poem convey this mood to us, by using various poetic techniques, namely dictation. “Had died and left their weary work undone”. This presents the sea as being listless, dull and lonely. The word “died” really emphasizes on this. Various words used throughout the poem reiterate this melancholy and sombreness; “Miserable, Lone”. “The slow, wet, melancholy bleating ships” The words “Slow, wet and Melancholy” really emphasize on the depressing factor of the atmosphere created in this poem. The rhyme scheme of this poem is irregular, usually rhyming every alternate line- Eg. ABAB..., though sometimes this rule doesn’t apply. There is one couplet present in it too. This particular rhyme scheme has the added effect of emphasis. It makes the poem feel very focused and sharp, For example, Lines Fifteen and Sixteen are a pair of couplets. They are the ONLY pair of couplets present in the poem, and so they are especially emphasized (their meaning and significance), as they stand out, like a sore thumb. This irregular rhyme scheme is somewhat chaotic, corresponding to the chaos on the poem. The rhyme scheme creates a unique, yet appropriate effect. There are a variety of poetic devices present in this poem;...
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