Caparol Analysis

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1. Company Profile
Caparol was founded in 1895 by Robert Murjahn in Ober-Ramstadt close to Darmstadt. At this time the companies name was “Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn”. In the companies early years Murjahn and his employees were only producing and selling plaster. 1909 the brand “Alpina” has been registered. Caparol was the first paint-company which was using Acryldisporsin instead of oil in 1936. In the year 1984 the “streak elephant” became company's logo. 1989 Caparol was founded. In 2005 the company was celebrating its 110th birthday[1]. Caparol is market leader for paint in Germany, Austria and Turkey. The turnover of the company in 2007 was approx 980 Mil €[2]. The company has 10 branches in Germany as well as 33 subsidiaries worldwide. The core competencies are quality, assortment breath and art competence[3].

2. Mission, Vision, Value, Corporate Governance
2.1. Mission, Vision, Value and Strategy
The company Caparol is an innovative provider of products and services in the construction branch. The mission is to design living spaces in the best possible way and to protect values in the future[4]. The success of the company is mainly based on three core capabilities. These are quality, a tremendous product range and competencies in designing. The demand for high quality products will be achieved by exalted standards. In these standards the rising ecological awareness of the society is already considered. To guarantee this, Caparol produces paints in an ecologically-friendly way. The strategy is accomplished by an established research and development department. Best customer service is playing a major role for Caparol. As a result of this ambition Caparol is going one step further. They offer training courses for the construction branch to assure the best possible appliance. It is evidently that a high quality product is only efficient by professional handling. To meet the requirements of many customers, Caparol offers the widest product range in the professional sector in the paint branch. The widely offered product range is a unique distinctive feature in comparison to other companies. They are offering customized special products for the industry to meet individual exigencies. Private consumers are getting paints which are easy to handle in combination with a good quality. The trend to individuality is rising more and more, realized by an intensive cooperation between designers and architects. Customers are supported by their designing activities and individual services. Out of this reason they created a special platform in the internet called “Alpina Colordesigner”, where it is possible for consumers to find solutions for their own ideas. Some examples for designing activities of Caparol in the construction industry are the support by creating paint for the Allianz Arena, the reconstruction of the “Brandenburger Tor”[5] and a special paint for the Olympic stadium in Beijing[6]. Employees of the company are an essential part, high-potentials are necessary for a successful research and development. Conditionally with the automation of the manufacturing processes, Caparol needs a lot of high potentials for research and development to create products and searching for innovative production techniques. Therefore the employees identification with the targets of the business to assure is necessary a long time success.

2.2. Corporate Governance
On top of the corporate structure is a foundation (Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn Stiftung & Co. KG). Below this foundation the company is divided in six scops (Profi-Geschäft, DIY-Geschäft, Handelsgeschäft, Ausland, Industriegeschäft and Mal- und Künstlerfarben)[7]. Today, Dr. Klaus Murjahn is the chief executive officer since 1973. A foundation is an expedient form of Organisation to guarantee a long time continuity of the business. Consequently of this the capital is protected (§81 Abs. 2 BGB[8]), because it is not allowed for heirs to liquidate...
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