Capacity & Facilities Planning Shouldice Hospital Limited

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Capacity & Facilities Planning
Shouldice Hospital Limited

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Table of Contents
Shouldice Unique Method3
The Services3
The Process4
The Experiences4
Cost Comparison5
Current Throughput6
Decision Analysis6
Add Saturday Operation7
Add-in A New Floor (45 Beds)8
A Second Facility for Treating Hernia8


Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice founded Shouldice hospital in 1945. He also an inventor of the Shouldice Repair, a technique that he developed during the World war II, to help your men who were unable to enlist in the military due to their illness, hernias. This unique method improved surgical results and reduced recovery time, immediately restoring the young recruits to physical fitness for military training.

By the time the word spread of his success, the demand was dramatically raised for hernia surgery. But due to the war, the doctors and the space were not adequate enough for high demands and the waiting times for surgery were too long. Then Dr. Shouldice responded to the problem by founding his own hospital.

Started with a single operating room and a waiting list of 300 patients, Shouldice opened his Hospital. With only a nurse, secretary and a cook for support, he conducted his practices to repairs 2 patients a day. The requests for the surgery grew and the hospital was soon expanded. So he was buying a rambling 130 acres estate with a 17,000 square foot main house in the suburb of Thornhill, 15 miles north of downtown Toronto. With a 36-bed capacity as initial start the hospital started operating in Thornhill. And continue to grew with a large wing was added to provide more capacity of 89 beds. Shouldice Unique Method

Shouldice running the business with unique method, which preferred by its patients, is the key factor why Shouldice is so famous and well known. These methods are: a) No additional material used such as screens or meshes for new surgeries. Much different than other methods which using a lot of them under the skin. b) Only using a simple sedative / sleeping pills, analgesic / pain relief pills, and local anesthetic. And also if required, some medication also provided. c) Wide range of patients between 4 months old to 100 years old. d) Fast recovery, only requires 4 days of recovery from surgery. e) Relatively affordable.

The Services
Also, other reasons why customers keep coming to Shouldice are: a) The hernia surgery, with Shouldice Method.
b) Low risk and low recurrences
c) Dignity/Positive environment
d) Family environment, fraternity, social experiences
e) Reduce guilt from having absence of work
f) Vocation

The Process

DAY 1| 30-34 Patients 1-3pm (20 min)| Examined by MD (15-20 min)| (If Hernia) Check in and Admin (10 min)| Blood and urine test (5-10 min)| 5pm Process explain-ations (30 min)| 5.30-6.00pm Dinner| 9pm, tea & cookie time| DAY 2| 5.30 am Sedation & Local anesthetic (45 min)| 7.30 am Surgery room (40 min)| Rest in room (2 - 3 hours)| 9pm, Start to eat heavy food & walked, and having tea & cookie time| DAY 3+| Breakfast 7.45 - 8.15 am| Loosen & remove stitches | 6.00 - 9.00 pm Dinner, tea & cookie time| DAY 4+| Breakfast 7.45 - 8.15 am| Remove all stitches| Check out|

The Experiences

The hospital employed 12 full-time surgeons, 7 part-time surgeons and 1 anaesthetist. The operating load varied from 30 to 36 operations per day and start at 7.30a.m and the surgeon’s day ended by 4p.m. Doctors

The hospital was staffed 22 full-time nurses and 18 part-time nurses, with three shifts beginning at 7a.m, 3p.m, 11p.m, is much lower...
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