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Staff Duty analysis
Achievement 9 – Fight Commander
Part A: Overview of Requirements
1.CAP Publications Applicable to Squadron Flight Commander
CAPR’s No CAP regulations are listed for this OPR
CAPP’s No CAP Pamphlets are listed for this OPR
CAPF’sNo CAP Forms are listed for this OPR
2.Suspense’s Required of Squadron Flight Commander
The cadet flight commander leads a flight of 8 to 15 cadets. It is the first cadet position to have significant managerial and oversight responsibilities, as the flight commander supervises and mentors a flight sergeant and 2 to 4 element leaders. Having developed some basic instructional skills, flight commanders are called on to teach almost any cadet related topic. As commanders, they set goals and develop training plans for the flight, informally counsel cadets and formally evaluate their leadership skills. As officers, flight commanders serve on the squadron’s leadership team, working with the cadet commander and other officers to grow the squadron. In short, the flight commander creates the conditions necessary for the flight to succeed. 3. Performance Requirements for this SDA

A. Interview any leader on the subject of “taking charge.” Report what you learned from the interview in the SDA report and in a 3-5 minute speech to cadets in your unit. List five common uniform discrepancies and explain what the correct stander actually is. Reference the appropriate CAP regulation and paragraph.

Part B: Narrative
1.What are the essential duties of the flight commander?
The essential duties are to instruct cadets, motivate and discipline the flight, mentor the flight sergeant and element leaders, set goals for the flight, coach and counsel cadets, and drill and ceremonies. 2.How does the flight commander help the squadron fulfill its mission? The flight commander helps the squadron fulfill its mission by getting the report to the DCC, helping set up events,...
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