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Executive Summery
Woolworth Supermarket provide tangible product to be the main part of the business. But when it was compared with the other competitors, intangible service quality become the main cause to effect the choice by customer. To be the last step in the customer service delivery, check out is the most important part in the service delivery process. It effects customer future choice directly. On this paper, author focus on how to solve check out waiting problem to be a challenge in the whole service delivery process. To be a company for profit, Woolworth Supermarket can not ignore the cost calculation to improve the service quality. Under this reason, author looking for a balance point to keep and improve the service quality delivery and save the cost as possible as Woolworth Supermarket can do. Challenge describe and the symptoms analysis help the reader understand the main problem of the Woolworth Supermarket facing to. The methods of solve this problem are always focus on keep balance between the service improvement and cost for it. Author give the likely solution to make this changing efficiency and useful.

1.0 Business description
The brand of Woolworths was founded in 1924, the first store opening up in Australia is located in Sydney's Imperial Arcade. On August 2008, Woolworths published it was launching as a new identity for this brand chain supermarkets and announced to replace the brand of Safeway in Victoria province, in order to organized it’s all chain supermarkets under one same brand 'Woolworths'. The Woolworths logo was designed by Hans Hulsbosch. A new green icon representing the 'W' in Woolworths. There also add a stylized leaf in the logo, that to means the fresh produce what be sold by them. The old brand image had been in use for 21 years and it was replaced with this new brand image in 2008.The company's slogan is, "The Fresh Food People", this slogan made this brand known throughout in Australia, it remark the key point of the new logo. The company introduced these changes, that in order to further distance itself from its main competitor brand Coles Supermarkets in Australia market. The target analysis Woolworths store is located in HARBOURTOWN shopping center(BIGGERA WATERS), Which had a huge customers volume in gold coast market. The advantage of this location is Woolworths avoid the strongest competitor Coles.

2.0 Identification of the challenge and analysis of the challenge In Harbour town shopping center, the huge customers volume provide the best chance for Woolworths supermarket. But also give it a lot of challenge. Passenger flow not only a number or a data for this business, it affect the quality of customer service delivery directly. In many customers’ survey, check out service is a big challenge in this business. Customer complained they have to wait for a same time as their shopping time even more during the peak period. There more than ten customers waiting in each cashier table. There are various reasons to cause this challenge. For example, • Many staff are undertrained and have low motivation. A full experienced cashier could spend 1 minute to finish the check out process, but a trainee will spend two or three times what a normal cashier does. And during the check out process, the cashier not scan every item only and also package the product for customer, that make the cashier work more complex and spend more time. • At the technological aspect, the cash register system halted and upgrade also waste customer’s check out time. The system problem was fixed need a really long time. And high technology system not suit for every one, some senior people or someone people who is the first time to use the self check system also let the other people waiting longer. Even the customer had experience with the self check system, double scan or bar code error is can not be avoid. • The customer self- service channels is limited. The store system design is not...
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