Canyon Ranch

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1.What type of products/services does Canyon Ranch provide? How unique they are compared with competitors in the industry? What's the nature of its customers? Where does the competition come from for Canyon Ranch?

Canyon Ranch’s product and services are broken into two categories, a destination resort and a spa club. The destination resorts are divided into three revenue generating departments. They are health and healing, hotel and spa. Each area offers a wide array of products and services. They include 230 different services in both spa and health and healing Departments. The have medical doctors, nutritionists, behaviorists, and exercise physiologists on staff. In addition, they provide lectures and fitness classes, as well as multiple outdoor activities where there is no extra charge. The spa clubs focus on fitness and salon services, which were designed to introduce customers to the “Canyon Ranch” brand.

Canyon Ranch is unique as compared to their competitors because they are able to tailor services to the special needs of the guest. Their large array of services in the health and healing department set it apart from most competitors by integrating everything under “one roof.”

The nature of Canyon Ranch customers were woman in their forties, with grown kids, high household income, active, generally fit and who do not compromise on wanting the best. In addition, their men client’s, are of the baby boomer generation that pay close attention to their health and well being.

Canyon Ranch’s competition comes from other day spas, hospitals, destination resorts and wellness centers that have a very high spa component or a very high health and healing component. These competitors were able to offer the same type of services or packages at a lower cost.

2.What is Canyon Ranch’s strategic positioning? What is IT’s current role in executing Canyon Ranch’s strategy?

Canyon Ranch’s strategic positioning was the foremost luxury...
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