Cantilever and Frank Lloyd Wright

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Dawson, Joey
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October 2, 2012
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Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright
I have chosen the Fallingwater House to write about in this assignment. The house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built between 1936 and 1939. It is located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. The house is built on top of a waterfall on the side of a hill. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the house to appear as if it wasn't even standing on solid ground.

Descriptive criticism: Every piece of artwork ever done has consisted of elements and principles, which make up what the piece is. One clear and probably the main element of Fallingwater is the use of lines. Wright used many different lines when designing the building. He not only used strong horizontal lines, he used strong vertical lines as well. Any way you look at the house you see long beautiful lines and every line has its very own purpose for the design. He uses his lines to complement each other as they cross up and down the building. Wright also uses lines to create layers, the entire house looks like it is just one layer after another, sort of like a stack of building blocks.

Wright also used his lines to create patterns. As I mentioned before he used the lines to create layers. From some views of the house you can see how he used the pattern of lines to create layers that got increasingly smaller until the roof of the house. He uses nothing but squares and rectangles that sit on top of one another, which makes up the entirety of the house. As you look at the house you can see how each of the different sized shapes fit soundly with its other. He built it so the proportion of it fit perfectly with its surroundings, almost as if it was natural. Wright also used texture on the house. He used two main textures, a smooth looking finish on all of the horizontal lines and walls and a rocky looking textured look for all of the vertical standing lines and walls. As for color Wright didn't give the

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