Canterbury Tales

Topics: Want, Need, Life Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Medieval Job
Good evening everyone. I hope all is well on this lovely, sunny afternoon. Though the rain met us this morning I was positive the sun would shine by the time this meeting would begin. Mentioning the sun has reminded me that I have yet to introduce myself to all of you. They call me Sunnare, and being a Dreamer-Ministerial helps me to stay alive. This job allows me to entertain people and distract them from what they think is an appalling life. My positive energy naturally attracts people towards me and then they tell me all of their misfortunes, hoping I will have a solution to all their problems. Lucky for them my love for people combined with my empathetic heart hears the cry of the needy, and I spring into action to help them. I always try to find a way to uplift others, whether it be talking to them or singing a song. As I have already shown I am a social butterfly, and I’m ready and willing to make new friends. Not only that, I am spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. Entertaining and aiding others are the only things that interest me because there is mass destruction in the world and we need positive energy to overcome it all.          Being a Dreamer-Minstrel is what I do for a living, and I can be found in most of the thriving kingdoms. Not everyone can do this job because the skills needed have to come from within; these skills cannot be learned because they deal with emotions. When you hear the name Sunnare joy should fill your heart and those dark clouds should fade way. Looking on the bright side of life is my motto, and understanding why everything happens for the best is the correct way to understand fate. In order to live my lifestyle you must be empathetic and understand people because they look to you to give them the best advice. You must have these skills to cope with the fact that the plague has sent death angels to kill numerous people. Possessing these skills allows you to better see the positive things life has to...
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