Canonical Literature

Topics: Spanish language, Novel, Hispanic and Latino Americans Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: October 30, 2012
By not exposing children to non-canonical literature, such as, “Foul Shots” and Bodega Dreams, teachers are depriving their students of enrichment that will constantly follow them throughout life. An enrichment of a diverse selection of literature will not only get students to enjoy reading again, but it could spark interests in reading more often and inspire them to become more open-minded.

By taking a deeper look into "Foul Shouts," a short story written by Rogelio R. Gomez, one will examine the shame and anger Gomez felt growing up. He was one of many, who were continuously faced with obstacles of race and social class, thus making him a prime example of why students should read non-canonical literature. In Gomez’s piece, the difference in skin color is the source of the conflict. This difference leads to the two contradictive terms of power and control — superiority vs. inferiority. The fourth paragraph clearly shows how Hispanics examine the inferiority, “In elementary school, we were not allowed to speak Spanish…Still, speaking our language before whites brought on spasms of shame- for the supposed inferiority of our language and culture and guilt at feeling shame”. As the inferior people, Gomez and his Hispanic friends always viewed themselves as the negative ones, never having a positive self–esteem, and yet always being restricted because they could not speak their native language of Spanish. They often times were treated unfairly by their teachers, and did not receive an equal education from their school. “It’s clear now that we entered the contest with negative images of ourselves. From childhood, we must have suspected something was inherently wrong with us” (¶ 4).“Foul Shots” has showed that those who happen to be the inferior ones actually have no idea why they feel inferior. The inferiority demonstrated merely creates a negative self-esteem for the Hispanics who live in America. Hence, for this reason, Gomez seemed to notice so many differences...
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