Cannibalism: History, Reasons and Important Cases

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  • Topic: Cannibalism, Armin Meiwes, Upper Paleolithic
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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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This paper will look at Cannibalism. It will cover the History of Cannibalism, Reasons for Cannibalism and Important cases of Cannibalism. I have chosen this topic because i thought that a presentation must be about a topic which can interest the audience and the best topic i can think of was cannibalism. At the end of the paper, i will give a brief analysis as well as our recommendations for the reader.

The History of Cannibalism ( refer to illustration 1)

Cannibalism is the act of humans eating flesh of other humans parts and some anthropologist, such as Tim White, suggest that cannibalism was common in human societies prior to the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic period (based on the foundings in Neanderthal). After that, in the Early history, cannibalism is mentioned many times in this era and the literature. It is reported in the Bible during the siege of Samaria(2 Kings 6:25-30). Two women made a pact to eat their children; after the first mother cooked her child the second mother ate it but refused to cook her own child. Also the cannibalism appears in the Middle Ages(Battle of Uhud, 625) and The Modern era(World War II.) From that time till now cannibalism have had a very great deal for human kind.

Reasons for Cannibalism ( refer to illustration 2)

There are two main causes for cannibalism.
- Firstly, The Starvation. In colonial Jamestown, colonists recorted to cannibalism during a period known as the Starving time(1609-1619.) After foodsupplies were diminished, some colonists began to dig up corpses for food. During this time period, one man was persuaded to confess to having killed, salted, and eaten his pregnant wife before he was burned alive as punishment. And also a famous example is the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, after which some survivors ate the bodies of deceased passengers.

- Secondly, The Culture. Some islanders in the Pacific were home to cultures that allowed cannibalism to some degree. The...
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