Cannery Row

Topics: John Steinbeck, Great Depression, Grocery store Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Cannery Row depicts depression life and feeling in a small fishing town to reflect the big world. The writer mainly describes five characters in his books. Lee Chong owns a grocery store that people can find everything they needed. His neighbor Dora, a kindhearted woman, owns Bear Flag Restaurant, which covers for a whorehouse. An old Chinaman who knows all inhabits Cannery Row. The story focuses on the lives of Doc, a local marine biologist, who ran Western Biological and sells all kinds of marinas. Mack and the boys, a group homeless lives in the "Palace Flophouse and Grill” which owns by the Lee Chong. Mack and boys live together in the run-down fishmeal, picking up money and short-term jobs where they can. In the Cannery Row, everyone’s pretty poor Cannery Row looks at select aspects of community life in the seaside section of Monterey, California, as it rides out the Depression. Financial drives for various charities abound, with Dora Flood, owner/operator of the Bear Flag brothel being squeezed to contribute more than anyone as a condition for the community tolerating her illegal operation. During the worst years of the Depression, Flood nearly bankrupts herself helping families survive, and during an outbreak of influenza, despite a particularly booming business, has her cook prepare cauldrons of soup for distribution to sick folk by her girls. The impetus for this program comes from Doc, the intellectual center of the community, to whom everyone turns for advice and information on every subject. Despite her largesse, Flood is annually accosted by high-minded women demanding the house of ill repute be closed down to protect the morals of young men. She normally uses that time..
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