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Cannabis, Should It Be Legal?

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Cannabis, Should It Be Legal?

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  • March 2006
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Currently the government allows you to smoke a substance that smells rank, has no pleasant side-effects and it makes people who give it up very grumpy and annoying. Tobacco kills over 100,000 people a year nation wide, and over 3.5 million a year worldwide. The tobacco companies strive to make this product more addictive. In fact, the government not only allows it, but funds it. However, cannabis has yet to produce 1 documented case of death. It has yet to be proven to have any long-term affects on the brain, and is not physically addictive. Yet, dope is illegal. Why isn't tobacco? There is only one reason I can think of to slightly justify this. Tobacco isn't a necessity and as such, the government can easily tax it.

Perhaps that argument is slightly childish, "if tobacco is legal then cannabis should be too". But how did cannabis become illegal in the first place? There are two reasons for this.

One - The illegalization of marijuana in the States was used as a tool to keep Mexicans out of America in the late 30's, as they where making lots of money selling it there, and the law gave them reason to arrest many Mexicans. The head of DEA at the time told congress that marijuana caused satanic behaviour, and white women to seek sexual relations with black men. Back in those days racism was almost a social norm and this caused the congress to believe those blatant lies.

Two - It has been illegal for long enough that everyone has grown accustom to shunning it. The only people that use it are those who live by rules which they themselves see as being perfectly rational and fair without regard for laws put in place by others. On the other hand many people that don't have regard for the law tend to be irresponsible, thus giving all pot-smokers a bad name. Therefore, many people are poised against it simply because the government says it's a no-no, and as such will not support legalizing it. This would cause an MP to veer from it for fear of losing...

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