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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Cannabis, the Good and the Bad
1. History
* In our world we know it by pot, a plant by the name of Cannabis that has existed for thousands of years. * Said to have been discovered through the regions of India, this plant soon became a sacred ritual for those who used it. * Since ancient time our ancestors have smoked cannabis due to its affects, making them believe that they were connecting with god himself. * Thanks to modern science and research we now know that the effect that Cannabis causes is due to chemicals hidden inside the plant. Due to the effect that the plant causes, cannabis has become a worldwide sensation. By this I refer to that most of the world has an opinion of Cannabis. * There are only two opinions and two types of people in the Cannabis world, those who think it is bad and those who think it is good. In this paper you will discover what makes this plant good or bad in the eyes of the people and ask yourself; is this plant good or bad? 2. Strain

* Cannabis is a plant made up of three different strains: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. * The difference between these strains is in the amount of chemicals that they produce. * Sative which is the largest of the three strains makes people have cerebral highs; yet it does not give a sleepy side-effect. * This is the opposite of indica, medium size, which is mostly used as a recreational drug at night to be more relaxed and fall asleep. * When we talk about Ruderalis, smallest, it is barely used to have any type of “high” effect and such is most commonly used to feed birds or to cook with. * Even though these three strains belong to the same family, we can see how different they are in their physical shape as well as their uses. 3. Chemicals

* When we talk about the effects that people feel when they practice Cannabis, you might ask yourself what is making the radical changes in your body. * When...
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