Caning: Education and Students

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Caning is a common form of punishment that has being used to solve discipline problems among students in schools now days. There are many cases about the caning in schools has been reported. These problem occurs because of the discipline problem in schools is increase and cannot be control by teachers and they think only cane is the method that they can be used to fix the indiscipline problems among students. Caning should not be considered as a most effective method to appropriate with problem of indiscipline (Devaraj, 2007). Why caning cannot be used as a method to solve with indiscipline problems? This is because caning could give more negative effect than the positive effect. What is the negative effect will occurs if caning is being used in schools continuously. The negative effect of caning on students are student’s mentally effects,student’s physically effect and increase more discipline problems. Firstly, the negative effect of caning on students is student’s mentally effect. Student who are be cane will be a traumatic person. For example, they will be afraid and fear to be in school because in school, they will hear another student who is being cane scream for suffering pain. Student also will lack of confidence on doing something. This is because they could not trust with their self and also with another person. Student will keep their emotion without sharing with others member or their families. Public caning is the example of reason why student be like that. From the public caning, student will feel embarrassed when they are in school because they were being cane in front of all students. Moreover, the corporal punishment interferes with the responsible to agitate and take part as it promotes antisocial behavior. (Sridhar,2005). For example, gangsterism, vandalism, cheating, truanting and etc. For instance, caning also can cause low self-esteem to the student which may run their future life. Student will feel that they are not useful to the other and...
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