Cango Weekly Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Management, Consultative selling Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Joseph Makowski
Week 3 & 4 video analysis

Week 3
Issue: Quality Assurance, with the implementation of the new inventory process, CanGo is concerned with order accuracy. In an effort to make the shipping process quicker, the team was focused on speed and not as much on quality of the order picking. Solution: A full analysis of the new machine, conveyor system, and the automated software should be performed to ensure it meets the need of the company’s order accuracy goals. As part of the system analysis, the team should also use references to verify the quality standards of the system when used in real life scenarios. It is mentioned that last year, one of their top customer complaints was order accuracy. To help prevent this concern, the new system should be fully vetted prior to its purchase. This can then be used as an additional selling point for purchasing and converting to the new system.

Week 4
Issue: The CanGo employees do not know their customers. Several comments were made which we evident the team did not fully understand who their target market is and why they are purchasing their products. Without knowing who your market is, there is no way to ensure you are offering them the correct products, or if you are marketing them correctly. Solution: CanGo needs to conduct a market study of their customers. The best way to do this is perform a survey during the purchase process. This will tell them the demographics of who is visiting and purchasing from their site. In turn, this will allow them to know exactly what products they should offer and how they need to market it. Once the customer analysis is complete, they need to share this information with the employees so they can fully understand how and why they should be developing their market plan and then they can adjust the site to maximize the customer’s experience. Once they have a site which is utilizes the proper marketing, the result should be higher sales and customer...
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