Cango Week 3 Personal

Topics: Management, Planning, Project management Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: September 15, 2009
Justin Weigt
Senior Project
Week 2
Personal Analysis CanGo Week 1&2
CanGo’s strength can be described as a well established company. Their foot has been in the door now, and it is time to leadwith those strengths. The CanGo’s staff seems like family and they really care about this company. The last strength of the CanGo Companyis leadership. Liz seems to not only care about the company, but also its employees. CanGo is a relatively new company who has great success,but it does not mean the company has no weaknesses. After observing a planning meeting, I realized there are many leaders,which could be a weakness in the planning processes. Ideas do flow,but there is no conversation about them. The planning process needs to be discussed in detail. A pros and cons list needs to be made, and a conclusion should be drawn before a marketing plan is put into place. You need to have everybody on the same page. One person should not create a marketing plan alone; there are many people with many ideas. The opportunities for the CanGo Company are far and wide. With their relatively fast success they have more room to grow. The gaming idea seems like a slam dunk with the proper planning and implementation fueled by the company’s drive to succeed. The opportunity to turn more profit is there. They have the staff and the resources to expand their profit margins again with the proper planning. The opportunity to expand is always available to successful companies. I would try to reach other markets before trying to expand. CanGo’s threats stem from their innerworkings. By this,I mean their lack of organization and knowledge of unfamiliar territory. The entire staff seems eager to jump at the best ideas without the proper planning and research. Jumping into the gaming world or expanding without the proper capital or know-how can be disastrous. These can be the biggest threats to CanGo’s success. Other threats include failing in new unfamiliar...
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